Why choose York College as your Professional Development provider?

  • You recognize you can develop your team to better performance
  • Your team can be your major asset
  • In the day-to-day of the workplace, we mostly deal with a constant stream of minor crises, adjustments and interruptions with little time for planning and strategic thinking. How often do people think about being better, doing their job better, creating a better place to work? When do managers manage?
  • Fostering the quality of your team through intensive and continual broad based learning will often produce an immediate return on your investment whether it be happiness in the workplace, efficiency, the bottom line.

York College can provide:

  • Customised training designed to develop more focused individuals/teams/organisations
  • Trainers with experience and skills to assist you and your organisation to reach and maintain your potential
  • A mentoring/back-up service post training sessions.