Why choose York College when enrolling in TAE40110 Cert IV Training & Assessment?

The TAE40110 qualification is a benchmark vocational education. The energy devoted to bring the highest standard of training and assessment tools to the market along with the collection of evidence over pilot programmes to gauge the best mode of delivery has been a major objective over the last two years.

York College training and assessment tools are the industry’s best.

We shall conduct public programmes throughout the year as well as conducting in-house programmes. You can opt to complete your qualification over a period of 3 months or up to 2 years. You can purchase each cluster as you go to ensure you can keep pace with the workload. It depends on the time you can devote to your work assignments.

Statistically, you are more likely to complete the qualification if you attend the face to face mode of delivery and this has had a major bearing on our choice of a 10 day face to face format. The course, at Certificate IV level, is the basic qualification for training in Australia.

In short:
  1. York College is personal
  2. The programme is of the highest possible standard
  3. We have all the tools to assist and guide your work
  4. The TAE40110 is not difficult but it does require application and consistent performance
  5. The face to face format means you have the best chance of completing the qualification
  6. You will have the best opportunity to share your vast experience and advance your career

Upgrading your BSZ40198 Certificate IV Qualification to the TAE40110 with York College

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When am I required to have completed the upgrade?
    By 1 July 2012
  2. I have a BSZ Certificate IV, can I RPL?
    Yes for “Design” if you have been designing programmes. Evidence of courses you have designed- where, when & for whom, as well as third party statements are required.
    Yes for “Delivery” if you can prove you have been training consistently since you achieved your qualification.
    Yes for “Assessment” if you can show the programmes you have assessed, competency statements from third parties.

For many trainers, it is most likely you will have trained solidly with little “Design” or “Assessment” history and, as these programmes are vastly superior to the BSZ, you will need to enroll in these face-to-face clusters.