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Assertiveness in Action

This course gives guidance on becoming more assertive and teaches you how to build self-confidence to improve assertiveness and communication skills.

Coaching Skills for Managers

Need to learn the skills to coach team members? The Coaching Skills for Managers course will provide you with the tools to get the most out of your team members.

Conflict Handling

Learn to approach conflict with knowledge and awareness to effectively diffuse any given situation quickly.

Effective Customer Care

If you work in an environment where you deal with customers face-to-face this course is perfect for you to help create a good customer relationship

Good, Bad & Ugly Customer Service

Set yourself apart from the competition by improving systems and process to create customer confidence to make sure they keep coming back to you.

Great Leadership

Improve your leadership skills and learn to develop and work to the strengths of your team members to achieve your goals.

Leading Meetings

Learn to run productive and time effective meetings that are interesting and rewearding.

Mentor Training

Being a mentor is an extremely important role to play especially for the person/s you're mentoring. Learn to effectively coach and guide other employees.

Presentation Skills

Learn to prepare and give a confident presentation at any level. Learn the techniques to not only make you feel confident, but look confident too.

Stress Management

Learn to harness stress and use it to help drive you and be motivated. Identify the causes of stress and manage them in all areas of your life.

The Art of Negotiation

Use the skills of negotiation to come to a mutually acceptable outcome to build sustainable business relationships.

The Power of Influence

Identify the methods of influence, use the course skills and utilise the methods of influence to your advantage and therefore increase your influencing ability.

Time Management

One of the most important skills that any person in business should have. Learn to make the best use of your time.